Super Seal + True Solid Core Technology

August 31, 2016

What differentiates SpaceMaker from all others on the market is Super Seal Technology combined with True Solid Core Technology. Together, they create a dual-purpose board that is unmatched in the marketplace.

The Super Seal Technology is engineered from HTV (High Temperature Vulcanized) Silicone Rubber. HTV silicone rubber was developed specifically for applications in the world’s harshest climatic environments. With a structural operating temperature range that spans from -100˚ F through 400˚ F, it’s the perfect material to ensure seal integrity during expansion and contraction from temperature extremes. SpaceMaker’s Super Seal Technology remains un-affected by all extremes of weather – hot, cold, dry, wet, snow, ice, humid, arid and even acid rain…. it also has the highest resistance to chemicals, UV and ozone… all while being inert and completely bio-friendly for our families!

SpaceMaker is unique. A True Solid Core board produced from 100% pure cellular PVC which makes SpaceMaker THE ANSWER for elevated decks designed to provide dry social or storage areas. SpaceMaker keeps the joists dry, the screws dry and everything underneath the deck surface dry. It’s easy to install lights, ceiling fans and speakers in the joist bays under a SpaceMaker deck. SpaceMaker is on the right side of the deck safety issue and will ensure longer life for your deck’s substructure.

SpaceMaker contains ZERO fillers that can mold, swell, crack, mildew, rot or be eaten by termites. When water sheds-off SpaceMaker surface, it goes over the Solid Core edges with confidence that these edges are impervious to water.  SpaceMaker’s True Solid Core & Super-Seal Technologies offer superior quality and the dry space feature…..

SpaceMaker….  All in One, and Beautifully Done !

Super Seal & True Solid Core Technology