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Featured Testimonials

Luke H.

Deep Creek, MD

“We live on a steep hill above the lake.   SpaceMaker gave us the dry foundation and DRY lower patio area under our main floor deck that we wanted so we can enjoy the outdoor view even when it’s raining.  The top surface is really beautiful and the bottom ceiling appearance is just great too !!   And a big extra benefit is that our sub-structure will last much longer now that its kept dry all year long by SpaceMaker!”

Patricia F.

Baltimore, MD

“SpaceMaker is THE ANSWER !   Our bedroom has a front balcony that covers over the front porch & front door entrance below.   We had all kinds of water problems with our home’s front wall.  The installer recommended SpaceMaker and now the entire area is dry-dry-dry…..   AND…. it’s such a pleasure to keep our beautiful front porch cushions out all year round.  This really makes our home’s entrance look great even in the winter.”

Frederick M.

Baltimore, MD

“SpaceMaker is exactly what we needed for our elevated deck off the kitchen.  Now we have a truly sheltered patio area even when it’s raining!  Our neighbors all ask about our deck and they all want one too.”

Juliet C.

Baldwin NY

“SpaceMaker shed the water away from my home, making my entire foundation dry.  This greatly reduced the crawling & invading bugs around the house…  AND it gave us some new, dry storage spaces for pool supplies & toys.     We also used SpaceMaker for our second floor backyard portico.  It is a wonderfully private spot with a great view….. that also completely shelters the main BBQ and eating area underneath it.”