SpaceMakerTM is designed to have a screw-less appearance after installation.  Not only does this provide a superb aesthetic appearance, but protects the integrity of the surface and guards against loose screws. SpaceMakerTM is stain, scratch, and mold resistant to ensure a beautiful, functional, outdoor living space for decades.

Grow Your Business By Becoming a Certified Installer!

Marketing and Sales Support

Every Certified Installer will receive installation and sales training to help understand the benefits of SpaceMakerTM starting from talking to homeowners to final installation.  Homeowners will be directed to a “Find a Pro” section on the SpaceMakerTM website where they can locate all participating Certified Installers.  All Certified Installers will be given the necessary sales tools and training.

SWAT Program

Being a certified installer you are automatically enrolled in our “Special Weapons and Tactics for SpaceMaker Installations.” As installers you are on the front line for many different and unique installations.  We want to reward craftsmanship.  Simply send a description and picture of your unique SpaceMakerTM installation for a chance at a $500 reward and be featured on the SpaceMakerTM “Hall of Fame.”

The success of SpaceMakerTM is dependent upon the success of the Certified Installers.  As a manufacturer, SpaceMakerTM ’s job is to provide the Certified Installers with more than just an innovative product, but to communicate those innovations to homeowners.  SpaceMakerTM’s Certified Installers are treated as true partners.  Many programs are available to not just reward Certified Installers, but to help grow their business.


Please note that you can also use the CONTACT US FORM to upload photos/ drawings/images of your upcoming job. Also feel free to ask questions using the form. 

  • We can review your job and call you with our analysis
  • We can answer any of your questions
  • We can provide you assistance with a take-off list