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Over a Decade of Manufacturing Experience.

The AdmiralTM facility has been producing environmentally friendly composite building products for over a decade.

Highest Grade Materials & Premier Factory means Consistently High Quality.

SpaceMaker’s core is produced from the highest-grade, fully-formulated cellular PVC for lightweight strength.  SpaceMaker’s cap coat is formed from 100% ASA on the top and bottom for extraordinary durability, beauty and proven resistance to fade and stain.   SpaceMaker is engineered for high quality without variation and manufactured in premier facilities with high capacity and deep technical experience.   Many other factories use inferior, recycled plastics of varying types and durometers.  They combine these inconsistent wastes plastics with additional wastes such as different species of wood dust from various wood processing industries and other low cost powdered fillers.   These products typically have cap coats that are primarily waste plastic so their fade and stain performance cannot match that of SpaceMaker.   The waste stream materials used by many other decking board factories can cause issues of inconsistent quality, water absorption and swelling that SpaceMaker is engineered to eliminate.

Admiral’sTM SpaceMakerTM Partners With Technologically Advanced Suppliers

Cap-Coating materials and performance additives are sourced from America’s best suppliers and tested on every lot to assure that only the highest quality items are produced and shipped by AdmiralTM for its SpaceMakerTM product line.

Admiral’sTM People

Admiral’sTM Senior Management has decades of experience in the building material industry. We’ve seen it all and our knowledge and skills are built into every product we make. Admiral’sTM innovative designs, along with the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes enable AdmiralTM to offer premier solutions to the problems faced by consumers today.

Admiral’sTM Mission

Deliver only the very highest quality products in the industry with exciting and innovative features that provide added value for distributors, builders and consumers. Just put any one of Admiral’sTM products into your hands, you will immediately feel “The AdmiralTM Difference”. We are very proud of our products. They are designed for those that simply demand the best.

In fair weather, the traditional and lasting beauty of Admiral’sTM products shine…

But when the strong storms rage, you can rest assured that the high quality, superior strength and unique features of Admiral’sTM fleet of products will be there to protect and defend your property.

The AdmiralTM … will see you through the storm.